Month: February 2019

Android, Emoj and Doll


The emoj and your smileys in the moonlight shone a shadow of love

My kundalini arose from the swampland of you embrace.

The touch is a piece of rock

The Love is a piece of rock

When you scurried through the bass sound of the redemption, remorse and tears

On the rock there were statues of nymphs in the lakes of psychedelica of flowers

Mushrooms were dried up

You never went to my show at the Sloth Arts Wednesday Night

I played an abrasive and transgressive melody on my alto saxophone

Quenching your thirst for the sex-love-union


We were artificial in the Nature of Scream, Moan and Growl

I improvised the noiscape with my synth and my cry for the spoken ambience

An android would have been more than the fluids than the Real

In the Realm of our sensibilities and your smell revoked a memory that was in 91, 92, 79, 80 and 2006

Though the strumming of electric guitar on the chorus effect pedal evoked the perfume of Opium, Lulu and hilarious and crystal-clear senses.


You came sloppy and the fleur de mal  was brought to the trial in the Castle.


Pain and Longing thus were under water and the tip of iceberg was shot by the jet fighter J15

We were blasted off in cracks and shattered into nothingness


We got up alone and coughed like in the hell

Then we drank tea and coffee

No. you drank instant coffee and I drank a bowl of black tea soaked in the boiling water boiled by your kettle


So we will see again and drank Scotch no – the Scottish whiskey bought by you on Ebay and delivered from overseas


You drank more spirits than me.

I was in the cloud and you were in the cloud

We came together twice or three times.


I wasn’t harsh on you; maybe you were earnest for a s/m crying game and you are always a doll in the Doll’s House

I fucked as if I were an android

Emotional, Sensitive and forever on flames